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Paris in November Let the warmth be in ADF forever

The last week of November

Paris suddenly got cold

The cold caught everyone off guard


No matter how cold it is

It cannot stop our enthusiasm for ADF


2018 ADF International Dental Exhibition


Organized by the ADF French Dental Association

Annual global dental event

Siger Medical has annually been a part of ADF


In this city of pursuing ultimate artistic beauty 


People’s aesthetics of things are particularly harsh



This time Siger brought its own star series products

Appear in ADF




Ergonomics and modern technology

Are wittily integrated


Every detail is a show of

Quality and beauty 


That’s why

we win the favor and appreciation of the public

To learn more about this brand from China




Four-day ADF exhibition

Let’s get together in Paris

Familiar or strange faces passed through

Deepen our friendship


2018 ADF comes to a perfect end

Look forward to meeting you again in Paris

More romantic and beautiful appointment