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Product Description


Sterilization Cycle With High Performance And Reliability

  • European Class B standard model, with 3-stage pre-vacuum process.

  • HAFC system  (Hot Air Forced Circulation) improves the dry efficiency significantly;
  • Unique air-water separating system enhances system efficiency and reliability;
  • High-speed process-controller and the special hydraulic circuit allows the autoclave to perform a Quick Class-B cycle in only 20 minutes;
  • Unique steam diffusing solution ensures an evenly heating up inside the sterilization chamber;
  • Original POST-DRY program delivers extra-dry and cool instruments even without opening the door;
  • THT process validation system monitors the temperature and pressure in real time, thus ensures the validity of the sterilization;
  • Auto-start Cycle enables the doctor to start a cycle at any specific date/time;
  • 5 sterilization cycles available: Universal B, Quick B, Quick S, Gentle B and Prion;
  • 4 test programs onboard: B&D test, Helix test, Vacuum test and Water Quality test;
  • Universal RS485 serial port allows the user either to connect the autoclave to a label printer, or to a PC to monitor and test the validation of the sterilization cycles.


Excellent Traceability


  • Onboard printer automatically prints the sterilization data and result at the end of each cycle;


  • Universal USB port and memory stick allows the user to store and download over 100,000 cycle data record;




  • Barcode label printer (optional) ensures the identification and traceability of every single sterilization pack;


 5L built-in clean water tank


  • 5L built-in clean water tank allows the user to perform 10 sterilization cycles;
  • Built-in water sensor delivers notices whenever the water quality exceeds the limit; autoclave won’t start until the user discharge the tank and refill it with water of good quality.
  • Built-in float switch delivers notices whenever the water is less than the minimum level.


Color touch screen


  • Color touch screen with excellent sensitivity;
  • Showing the data of the sterilization,cycle progress and errors in real time.



Optional Waste Water Discharge Solution



  • Automatic: connect the pipe to the outlet at the back,waste water will be discharged automatically.



  • Manual: connect the pipe to the outlet in the front panel to discharge the waste water manually when the warning message pops up on the display.


Effective security protection



Rotate the sterilization rack 90º to contain 6 regular trays or 3 regular trays with wider space in between.


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