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Dental Unit V5000

Dental Unit V5000

Product Description


  SIGER V5000

  Intelligent· Efficient· Reliable· Affordable


  • Simulating control system
  • Intelligent simultaneous system
  • Touch control panel
  • Multifunctional foot pedal
  • Patient chair with inner-track design
  • Comprehensive protection mechanism





  Powerful Dentist Element

  • Touch control panel
  • 5 sets of preset intelligent memory positions; only one button to control the chair position, operating light, cup filling and bowl rinsing.
  • An inter-locking system for the dynamic instruments preventing the injury and improving working efficiency of dentists.
  • Photoelectric sensors switches controlling the on/off of all the dynamic instruments.




  Patient Chair with ergonomic design

  •  Ergonomic designed dental chair guarantees excellent movement compensation.
  • The ultrathin aluminum backrest provides broad space for dentist’s leg to support an ergonomic working posture.
  • Unique anatomic backrest and dual-jointed headrest can fit with patients of different sizes.
  • A safety cut-outs stops the patient chair and backrest from moving down in the presence of obstacles. The chair or backrest will move up a little bit to avoid unexpected harm.
  • Compare to the memory motor, innovated angle sensor is more accurate on position memory, and the failure rate dropped significantly.
  • The original Italian leather makes a perfect combination of fashion and comfort.




  Professional treatment by four-hand operation

  • Powerful touch control panel for assistant.
  • Photoelectric sensor system controlling the on/off of all instruments.
  • Delayed HV suction mechanism
  • Detachable suction tubes and handles for disinfection.












       Operating light with sensor

  • Unique optical design, ideal depth of focus by full overlay of light sources.
  • Even-distributed light spot with clear and smooth edges.
  • Similar to natural light with outstanding CRI.



  Multifunctional foot control

  • automatically access to preset chair position
  • automatically access to preset spittoon position
  • automatic ON/OFF of operating light
  • automatic spittoon rinse
  • automatic cup filling
  • intelligent return to the previous position
  • adjustable chair positions
  • dynamic instruments control






        lever-type                                                      padal-type




  Unique hygienic design






  •  Autoclavable silicon pad of instrument table  


  • Detachable ceramic spittoon for cleaning.





  • Detachable suction system for cleaning.
  •  Distilled water / tap water switching system.



  V5000 standard configuration


    ● swing-type/ hanging-type dentist element ● patient chair of V5000 type(inner-track design with Italian upholstery)
    ● Built-in simultaneous control system ● multifunctional headrest
    ● touch control panel for dentist     ● left armrest
    ● Built-in intraoral X-ray film viewer ● balance arm with air lock system
    ● Two 4-holes tubings for turbine ● multifunctional foot-pedal with program memory
    ● One 4-holes tubing for air motor ● LED operating light
    ● One 3-way syringe for dentist ● Rotatable hydro-group
    ● touch control panel for assistant ● rotatable/detachable hygienic ceramic spittoon
    ● One 3-way syringe for assistant ● distilled water system
    ● One hydraulic saliva ejector cup filling system with warm water
    ● One pneumatic HV suction ● dentist stool



  V5000 Upholstery color(come from Italy)





  Dental Chair Size Chart



  Layout of floor box holes


  Technical parameters

Voltage:220VAC 50Hz Pressure:≥550Kpa
Power:900VA Gas flow rate:≥50L/min
Pressure:200-400Kpa Load capacity:>135KGS
Water flow rate:≥10L/min  


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