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Dental Unit S60

Product Description



  Classics originates innovation. Technology brightens life

  • Floor mounted design, option of swing version, hanging version and cart version.
  • Patient chair with inner-track design.
  • Electronic simulating control system.
  • Built-in intelligent linkage system.
  • Inter-locking and anti-suction system, delayed HV suction mechanism.
  • Multifunctional foot pedal control system.
  • Comprehensive protection mechanism.



Egonomic Design

  • The innovative inner-track design has overcome the "back rubbing" problem during the chair movement, which provides the patient the most comfortable treatment experience.
  • The patient the most comfortable treatment experience.
  • The synchronized design between the seat and backrest of patient chair guarantees excellent movement compensation.
  • The ultrathin aluminum backrest provides broad space for dentist and assistant’s legs to support an ergonomic working posture.
  • Unique anatomic backrest and dual-jointed headrest can fit with patients of different sizes.
  • Floor mounted design helps to maximize the stability of the equipment and the patient’s comfort.
  • The original Italian leather makes a perfect combination of fashion and comfort.

Simulating control technology, enhanced functionality

  • Touch control panel
  • 5 sets of preset intelligent memory positions; only one button to control chair, operating light, cup filling and bowl rinsing.
  • An inter-locking system for dynamic instruments preventing injury and improving working efficiency of dentists.
  • Photoelectric sensor switches controlling the on/off of all the dynamic instruments.




Professional treatment by Four-hand operation

  • Powerful touch control panel for assistant.
  • Photoelectric sensor system controlling on/off of all instruments
  • Delayed HV suction mechanism
  • Detachable suction tubes and handles for disinfection 。
  • 3-level height adjustment of assistant element.



  Operating light with sensor

  • With leading-edge LED technology and scientific optical system, VIEWDENT LED dental operation light is designed to achieve the perfect lighting solution for dental treatment.
  • Ceiling type is optional
  • Sensor switch and brightness adjustment
  • Unique movable handle design can be customized to adjust the angle and easily taken down for sterilization.
  • Illumination:8000-30000LUX
  • Color Temperature:4300K
  • Spot Dimension:70×140MM(@700MM)


  Multi-function foot Control

  • Automatic access to prest chair position              
  • Automatic access to prest rinsing position  
  • Automatic ON/OFF of operating light
  • Automatic bowl rinsing
  • Automatic cup filling          
  • Interligent return to the previous position
  • Adjutable chair positions
  • Dynamic instruments speed cintrol 




    Pedal Type or Lever Type foot control is selectable




Unique hygienic design

  • Removable silicon pad for cleaning and disinfection.


  • One-piece ceramic spittoon for easy washing and 180° rotation.





  • Anti-suction system of dynamic instruments to avoid iatrogenic infection.
  • Easy switch between distilled water and tap water system.
  • Easy switch between distilled water and tap water system. 





Careful safety consideration

  • In the process of operation chair down barriers, descending motion is terminated, the seat to be automatic marginally.
  • Surgery chair back in athletic process meet obstacles, descending motion is terminated, the seat to be automatic marginally.
  • When the spittoon is swiveled in, the chair will not be able to move to avoid unexpected harm. 


  • The height of the seat and backrest of dentist stool and the inclination of backrest can be adjusted to meet with ergonomics.
  • Assistant stool is optional.


Italian Upholstery Colour  


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