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Siger’s 13th Anniversary丨Strive together for thirteen years, The best is yet to come!

Siger’s 13th Anniversary丨Strive together for thirteen years, The best is yet to come!

13-years-old enterprise

 Like a teenager

Is trying to grow up strongly 


Behind the growth of teenager

Bearing the weight of too much years of youth

Mission and dream


In the past 13 years, we always insist





1.Mission and quality innovation


Siger always insist

Independent research and development, technical innovation

and keep promoting the industry progress

As a high-tech enterprise in guangdong province

Striving for perfection

It has always been Siger’s mission to uphold product quality


Siger independently research and develop

Digital dental unit


The certification period of 3 years

Has been continuously rewarded 4 times of

Guangdong high-tech product certificate

Issued byGuangdong high-tech enterprise association


Siger Medical

 Insist on the quality and innovation of products

 As the root of life of the enterprise

Insist on the manufacture of first-class products

Strive for making due contribution to the industry



2.Go abroad to pursue dreams


Go abroad to the world

Has always been the dream of the teenager

In the pursuit of dreams

Slow and steady,step by step


 Now our steps

has spreaded all over the world

Siger appeared in every major foreign exhibition 



Currently Siger’s product distribution network

Has covered more than 60 countries and regions in the world

To benefit dentists and patients around the world

Siger global sales network chart



Siger’s dental unit

is used in clinics of European countries





Made in China』

Siger's footprints are all over the world

On the quality of products

Siger is consistent in pursuing perfection

Therefore, Siger gets an increasing number of

love and support from customers all over the world


We believe

It’s not just a praise for Siger

but also highly recognization for Chinese enterprise


3.We are grateful to have you in our growth



Thirteen years passed away

In the 13 years of growing up

Thank you so much for

spending this wonderful time with Siger

Asian clients visited Siger



Nationwide dealers’s summer camp

2017 excellent dealer training

2018 excellent dealer training


Company is the longest confession of love

Look back on the days we fought together

Witness the process of growing up together

Express our heartfelt gratitude and best wishes

To all dealers and partners



4.Look ahead & Keep moving


In the joy of celebrating the 13th anniversary

and look forward to the future development

 We have to define our brand mission

 as a commitment to customers

Provide more satisfactory products and services

Bring more high quality and reliable products



13 years is just a new beginning

We will step into the next glorious 13 years

 2019Let’s draw a new starting point

Step on a new journey

Thanks for growing up with Siger

Let's look forward to our future together