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  Zhuhai Siger Medical Equipment Co., Ltd is a professional company dealing with R&D and manufacturing of clinical dental equipments. Tens of scientific results have been approved as national patents, by those SIGER manufactured the every first fully digitally controlled dental unit in China, which reaches the leading international technological standard and fills the domestic gap. 

  Since its founding in 2005,Siger has been continuously investing in R & D and keep developing new products. In the face of fierce competition in the globalized market, on one hand, Siger keeps the technological leadership of existing products. On the other hand, it enriches the production line to provide more choices for the customers, such as operating light, ultrasonic scaler, painless periodontal treatment device, intraoral X-ray unit and autoclave.

  SIGER has obtained ISO9001 certificate and CE certificate.Its products have been fully recognized and highly valued by the professionals and users from home and abroad. At present, large quantities of SIGER dental units has been installed and used in a lot of specialist hospitals in China and exported to 60 nations and districts globally. SIGER is doing really well especially in the high end market of West Europe.



  Yiwei is a large-scale CNC machining center under Siger Medical, with a total area of more than 3,000 square meters.There are dozens of advanced CNC machining equipments and nearly 40 professional workers in the CNC machining base.

  Along with the establishment of CNC machining base,the quality of metal parts with standardized production is stable,the metal parts are much precise,working efficiency is greatly improved.